I won't give description for this... Tell me what it means to you... :-)

The world is full,

Of the gleaming faces,

No, Not faces, Masks…

Yes, they are masks.

Which hide the fear,

of being recognized,

And show the content,

Of being in spotlight.


Which refuse to show anxiety,

Of walking alone forever,

And display the pride,

of treading difficult waters alone.


Which make us feel safe,

Because they do not show,

Any sign of weakness,

Or need for another person,

They help you to pretend,

You are Almighty,

You are the conqueror,

But in reality,

You are also standing with me,

In the same place,

Waiting for someone,

To hold your hand,

To embrace you,

To complete you,

But the difference is,

I am in light of acceptance,

And you are still crouching,

In the shadows of denial.

Let the masks drop,

Just for this once,

Just for a moment,

So I can see your face,

And I will remember it,

For eternity and beyond…

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