Schizophrenic Poetry P.1



Just a sample of some schizophrenic poetry/writing

Gems skyward Clancy wander
Might in Fury worlds run
My plight toward future ruin
Sounds so much like fun
Fairy switches fairly curious
I pull the lever. Wrong lever!
Ahem. My past aside like my own best friend
I plant him into a tree with a smile
Knowing I can breathe
Coherence gently washes over like the scent of
A fresh glade candle. Companies want your money
But I don’t care I just want the rain.
Beautiful rain and smiles.
Excitement to see someone special to me
Colorful faces and demonstrations of loyalty
A dog couldn’t be better company.
If a dog ran a company, I think it’s be normal
There would be food and water treats and toys.
Neon emeralds palaces of crystal and diamond
Where I once dwelt in the black light hotwiring
Color to please the minions. A happy bunch
A family group.
Moved on...
Much later. .
Now I am bland and strict. Social yet quiet. Strange and clever like a wizard with no cap. Just a wand and some funny sounding words to cast spells of happiness.
A light wizard with his dark half in chains a complex saw of a sword. Maybe a dagger. Virtual reality is coming or maybe it is already here?
I know who I am and where I am going but I don’t know how I will find this place I seek.
Dreaming earnestly of a player's card
Drawn into hand to increase in strength with time
Like a magician’s accordion it pulls and twines around the thread of time
I feel like I’ve said this before but how did you know the theme I was thinking. Is it easily guessed or is my writing just metaphorical mess? Perhaps chance pulled the lucky card. 
Ergo the cluster of this world is dreaming in a paradox of life, a jovial means to interpret life. Om
Sweet that it may be it is oftentimes too bitter to be enjoyed, softened only by the screams of mortals and their things that coil towards uncertainty
Is it then that I am death? Awaiting my seat past the hallways of life being drawn in like a charmed snake? 
Or was my life designed to create a symphony. A fine work of art. Connections made to amuse one another, however I am not amused. Only more perplexed. Why do these players have all these cards, and what is the object of this game they play? 
Care I do not. 
And yet I must jovially dream amidst them all the same.
tears born of blood
bleakly trickling down my face
I don't care
I am apathetic

I am the definition of apathy

forever and ever
rainbow chrysalis prisms reflecting my errors into visible light

take your pick it’s like a fruit blossoming on a tree

they don't compare to the sounds i hear and the voice that taunts me

easy to ignore

impossible to fight

the enemies are near

buy them a reason not to hate you

and I will be their last avenger

flowing down the river my mom created for me my bloody tears begin to paint it red

confused, the other children become terrified of the red water

I don't mind

I just lazily float down the river

down the waterfall

behind the waterfall, a mine full of diamonds

but that's irrelevant.

Time keeps ticking and I wonder how much more you will press that button, but I don't care.

As you can see I wasn't lying about my apathy.

You're like a fish I can keep and love but you don't know what you're doing.

Stupid bitches raging dishes, quit your lives and find some pie

drop a dime and pick a pocket, take your life and put a sock in it

If I had three wishes I would wish for all the bitches to get sucked into a transient fractal machine (whatever that is).

now to put it simply

there's a button

and you keep pushing it

you must have voices in your head telling you to push it

thank you.

I can't thank you enough for pushing the button. It boosts my spirit and soul so I guess that's good.

Am I going to kill you? No. But don't mistake my smiles for smiles anymore. It is just me, empty and gone.

I'll laugh but that is me running away.

Maybe someday we'll live close and I’ll feel better, but for now I don't. I don't feel better.

I'm just the background in a sonic stage while you're the main hero.

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