Really Need To



When you need to get stuff done.



Really need to hang the washing up

And soak the melancholic mugs and cups,

And wipe the lethargic worktop dust,

And wash-up the tired hang-ups

And hang-up the washed-up fuck-ups,

And also sweep the floor,

And find more space for open doors,

And scrub the handles,

As well as re-adjust the angles,

And clip-back the brambles from the murky windows,

Need to check my schedule also,

And make a timetable for all those unsent emails,

And wipe my cloudy spectacles from the self-debacles,

And change the covers and have a battle

With the duvet and self-doubting towels,

And pair the socks and shout out loud,

But also need to cook the tea

And defrost the meat and watch what I eat,

And soak my weakened knees,

And take a break, and make a cake,

And bake mistakes,

And beat the eggs with love, not hate.


And what was it?

Oh yeah, find a pen.




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