Eternal Love



A poem I wrote about life, death, loss, grief, and healing. Enjoy...

We're conceived. We're born. We die.
And we live awhile between birth and death.

But do we ever really stop to think about eternity
before we take our last, and final breath?

I've heard folks say, "They lived to be 100!",
while for others, "They were much too young to die!".

And whether it's a baby, or a centenarian,
our tears of loss are bitter, when over their grave we cry.

But have they really gone away?
Are they gone only to be forgotten?

Are we cursed to live the rest of our lives
depressed, sad, lonely and downtrodden?

The answer should be as simple as it can be.
Yet it's simplicity is it's biggest complication.

Instead of understanding eternity for what it really is,
we try to explain it with some confusing theory or calculation.

Eternity is really love, you see.
It's something that shall never go away!

Those we love may exit our lives and leave a huge void,
but our cherished memories of them shall forever stay.

Love is what makes up our essence.
Love is what comprises our soul.

Without love our selves would be nothing.
Without love we can never be whole.

Love transcends both time and space.
Love lives far beyond our own universe.

Our love for someone doesn't end when they die.
It doesn't fade away in the back of a hearse.

So the next time you think of someone you've lost,
recollect all the wonderful times you had!

Be reassured that you'll be reunited with them some day.
Be happy! Be joyous! Be thrilled! Be glad!

In the meantime though, do yourself a favor —
take your loved ones into your arms and hug them tight!

Let them know how much they mean to you!
Let them know you'd always defend them with all your loving might!

And when your time comes to "cross the curtain"....
when you leave this world for your home in the heavens above....

Those you leave behind will know that you're not really dead....
all because of eternal, never-ending love!

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