Beat Poetry by Tony Caravan (BMI)


There’s an overwhelming feeling inside
An itching anxiety you can’t hide
The stress of life and cost of living
It eats at your body and entire being

You try diversions, media and gaming
But it’s always there as an underpinning
Others downplay it and rationalize it
But you know they’re just concealing it

DESPAIR — the plague of our culture
Where the greedy and powerful are vultures
Feeding on everything we do
Enslaving us so they can pursue

A life without DESPAIR
Only for the chosen few
The vampires and succubus
Who prosper on us

You try to fight it, you self-medicate
You try to beat it, pray and meditate
You get help and prescriptions drugs
But the next day you’re victimized by thugs

There’s no escape from the terror
The propagandists say you’re in error
They weave and spin and promise better
But in the end you’re left in squalor

DESPAIR — has destroyed our culture
The greedy and powerful are vultures
They feed on the fruits of our labors
And keep taking more without a care

Our lives are filled with DESPAIR
When all we want is to be happy
DESPAIR — won’t someone set us free?
No more DESPAIR for you and me


Here's a link to listen to the beat poet song on YouTube:



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