For The Love...



For the love of beauty the artist creates — words on paper, brushes to canvas, orchestras playing melodic symphonies, and dancers tracing arcs through the air.


For the love of a woman
A man might be reduced to a stuttering fool just to be near her

For the love of her child
A single mother will face an uncertain future, so her child's will be all the more secure

For the love of comfort
We avert our eyes at the traffic signal where the homeless person stands holding their sign

For the love of approval and affirmation
We at times sacrifice our dignity and that which makes us, uniquely, us

For the love of religious ideology
Men sacrifice the lives of others in bitter conflict, all the while invoking the name of their God

For the love of war
We create instruments of mass murder, barely blinking at the egregious loss of life

For the love of money
The richest will sacrifice the poorest on the altar of Capitalism and call it progress

For the love of freedom
Soldiers will lay their life down for son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother and country

For the love of self preservation
We remain silent when injustice rends our consciousness with its primal scream

For the love of justice
We cannot suppress the truth or we will find that the very words that uphold it will
be washed away by the tears of the oppressed

For the love of beauty
The artist creates — words on paper, brushes to canvas, orchestras playing melodic
symphonies and dancers tracing arcs through the air

For the love of love
Countless volumes have been published, many a poem and play written, and many a
romantic stumbled while daydreaming

For the love of humanity
We must affirm and imbue every man, woman and child with equal value

For the love of Life
We must love our fellow man, not in spite of our differences but because of them

For the love of unity
We must realize that it is found only in diversity not through conformity

For the love of our common future
I will place my hand in yours, and we will walk forward, together, into tomorrow


For The Love © 2014 by Kris Peterson.  All rights reserved.

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