Under Blue Tarpaulin



    Early morning,Upon a bench,A breathing,Dark mound, Two humans Call abode.Under blue tarpaulin. Plastic sheet,Cool overhead,Absorbs theDaylight glow.Turns darknessInto ocean bed,Under blue tarpaulin. As WinterSets in.Blood runs cold ...



Early morning,
Upon a bench,
A breathing,
Dark mound,
Two humans
Call abode.
Under blue tarpaulin.

Plastic sheet,
Cool overhead,
Absorbs the
Daylight glow.
Turns darkness
Into ocean bed,
Under blue tarpaulin.

As Winter
Sets in,
Blood runs cold
To the skin.
Is there room
To dream,
Under blue tarpaulin?

Pulls inside.
Food offered
By muffled
Voices from
The outside.
Under blue tarpaulin.

And child,
Listen to
Inside their
Rustling dome,
Under blue tarpaulin.

Two thousand
Human beings
Live on a bench,
Sitting up
To sleep,
Under blue tarpaulin.

I wonder
Where they left.
Can it be,
There is life
Worse than
The one lived
Under blue tarpaulin?

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