The Crimson Wizard Returns



This poem is from the first novel in the series called The Chronicles Of Astarling. A fantasy series based upon the home world of Astaling and originating at Pektnot, a continent on same said world. The inhabitants are known as the Rynmorian.

From The Chronicles Of Astarling/A Novel



Vri Curan Wolt Caball

The Crimson Lord Returns Poem



Dawn breaks and is witness to a blood-soaked landscape

Once covered and flourishing with fragrant grasses and beauteous flowers.


Now torn from the ground both root and stem

Dead and dying all hopelessly strewn

A picture is painted both deathly and grim.


Fields of reed and timothy so full of life

Damask, catch fly and mist flowers with breath so alive

All innocent of decay or knowledge of strife

Each pedal and stem a woman and a man

Life’s end upon the edge of a blade

The cut of a knife

Nay-none may keep a stand.


Oh mortal night

Oh direful day

A nightmare of dread-Vri Curan Wolt is here but to stay.

Death to all Lorian

Death to all Fae

Woe our armies disbanded

Our firmness of purpose in decay

Astarling was torn and tattered like unto shards of broken glass scattered in disarray

Vri Curan Wolt no longer held at bay.

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