The best ever rice pudding



I've actually just done this. Really. It was fascinating. The hounds loved it too.

Have you ever made rice pudding with tomato in?

I was just cooking up last nights leftovers,

For the dogs' breakfast,

Which included some basmati rice and curry.


I added milk, then more milk, then even more,

And the rice swelled and swelled,

And kept on swelling.

I added even more milk, and it kept on going.


I've now trebled the volume, and the curry has vanished,

Apart from the the odd bit of tomato peel.

I tasted it,

And its the best rice pudding I've ever made.


I checked the packet, its not supposed to be pudding rice,

But there's nothing wrong with the results.

Its lovely,

Though with a slight hint of turmeric.


I'll not be mean though, I didn't make it for me.

Maybe I'll try a spoonful, then the hounds get the rest.

I'd promised,

And they have such big brown eyes.



© Marcus Brook 2017






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