Forever is too far



A poem about forbidden, secret love

Wrapped in cool silk sheets

Bodies entwined in each other

Rhythmic hearts, a united pulse beats

Breathing in, a calming smother


Hot sunbeams through the window

Halo bright around her head

The devil’s desire twisting low

Perfumed emotions torn to shred


How can this be angel fire?

A dangerous longing, inky hunger

Lust and passion secret desire

Torment, affliction of a girl younger


Seduction forbidden and dark

Infatuation, a wondrous burning, aching joy

The truth torments, hits cold, stark

An affaire de coeur never her ploy


Laced with shattered tomorrows

A torment unavoidable, too real

Tinged with red adulteress clothes

Unbridled ecstasy the devil’s seal


She knows that forever is too far

Her love a dream to shake awake

Always and never the same are

To walk away, lies amends make


Hauntingly she exists in her world

Unbridled ecstasy deception gone

Dripping scent, heartfelt words curled

His love a gaping bleeding wound torn










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