A stream of consciousness meant to sum up the mental notes that have formed in my head in these past couple of years...bittersweet lessons that came from experience I wouldn't want to relive.

Dear Hauwa,

Do stay and listen
To tales of things found
While I was away
In a seeming long haul

I had my truths
Jealously kept
Like gold found
Flashed everywhere
Even to unwilling eyes
Like Olympic medals
Truths which were to me
A status symbol
Truths which were in fact
Heralds of hallowed ignorance
Playing ignorant ignoramus
And playing it well
Squandering money and love
Good company and good relations
Ignorance was indeed bliss

Dear Hauwa,
Do stay and listen
'Specially to tales of exploits
When I roamed within myself
The mind is such a wide expanse
And believe me, I traversed

Encountered loss and regret
Time has pardoned my loss
Only now the pain of regret
Has endured through the years
Convenient excuse evades events
In the now
Disappears like palm-blown powder
In the morrow
So a brawler is a winner?
Wouldn't a slight smile
Have won many situations?
Shelved needless miles?
Thought awkwardness was something
Mutual pretence can unhappen
'Tis really a knot to be untied
Good intentions oft really pave to hell
I only meant to be the perfect man
Albeit, intent was enforced
With a wild-goose struggle
See how I turned out
A proper jackass afterall

Dear Hauwa,
Do stay, listen
Perchance, experience
Is yet to make a Unicorn
But look how gentle I've become
And look what I found too

Understanding of the self
Perhaps sorcery of the highest altitude
Does wonders by the zillion
Shallow successes and epic failures
Hailed from a discord within
By venting, not inhibiting
Problems become tissue papers
You approach men where they live
And embrace each
According to his truth
By consulting, not compounding
Veils melt into oblivion
The angels not stainless as before
The devils less vile
Picture's fake without filters
Only the lie is true
So I entered a new understanding
Hailed from a concord within
A new season's starting
Chance for a last dance
We bury old ways
And make new loves
A glow at the tunnel end
I found a black diamond
Time has again
Pardoned my loss

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