Finding me



I wrote this piece in honor of my sisters who have survived abusive relationships and even went a step further, by choosing to not just survive but to thrive while they are at it.

I used to have a smile on my face

Walked around like I owned every place

Tackled every situation at my own pace

Was the woman that every guy wanted to chase

I was sassy, feisty, confident and vibrant

Now the best word to describe me is ‘silent’


I was in my element, like a rose in full bloom

You plucked me from my fertile foundation to beatify your room

Instead of nourishing me you starved me

Even as I started to wither away, you refused to set me free

You stripped me of all that kept me alive

You slowly killed my drive


You were such a charmer

My very own knight in shining armor

If only I knew that one day I would need to be rescued from you

And that your love was never true

At first I thought it was my fault

Even though I didn’t understand I still took the blame by default


I am slowly coming to my senses

And building up my defenses

Realizing that you are the problem, not me

Now I can finally break free

I am on a journey of finding me

The me I used to be


Soon I will have that smile back on my face

And be walking around like I own every place

I will tackle this journey at my own pace

Once again I will be the woman every guy wants to chase

I will be sassy, feisty, confident and vibrant

Never again will I be described as silent

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