The Night Hag



night terror

Sleep paralysis

My old adversary

Why do you torment me so?

Injecting me with profuse horror

Holding me down with unseen hands

A weight on my chest

Freeing my mind of all logic

Estranging me from normality

Drawing me into a world of fear

Of uncertainty

All I can see is a cloud of liquorice black

Cloaking the familiar shadows of the room

Dawn seems a million years away

What are you?

A nightmare?

Hypnagogic trickery?

Or something else entirely?

Leaving me helpless


At your mercy

I know how it goes

The satanic routine

A faint creak at the foot of the bed

The house settling for the night?


Probably not

There is something in the room with me

Concealed behind the darkness


Unnerving me

Heart pounding against my ribs

Cold sweat crawling all over my skin

Limbs heavy and useless

Terror kneading its way through me

Like a malignant sore

Growing and growing

Leaching through my pores

And then ...

Eyes peer downward

To the foot of the bed

From the black veil

She appears

The Night Hag

Bandaged in dark rags


She climbs onto the bed

And makes her way up

She smells of decay

And antiquity

Up she comes

Over my legs

Over my waist

She sits on my chest

An unshakable force

I try to move

I try to scream

I try to close my eyes

I fail

A strange mewling sound breaks the silence

She is laughing



I must wake from this dreadful stagnation!

And rid this creature from my chest!

This monstrous global phenomenon

The Night Hag

She leans forward

Her face appears from the gloom

True horror manifests

My heart must surely burst

I scream ...

And scream ...

And scream ...

Miraculously, my body moves

Thrashing like a beached dolphin

Blanket wrapped around my flailing body

Fists pounding

Legs kicking

Fending off the Night Hag

Only ...

Dawn pokes through the curtains

Curtailing the night

I am alone

It is over

I fall back with a heavy sigh

A night terror

That's all

The Night Hag is a creation of the human mind

She is not real

But I know ...

Tonight she will return






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