A musical poem dedicated to all introverts.

The musical inspiration for this poem:


Like waiting for someone

who you know won’t come

Standing alone out in the sun

Listening to the wind



Like watching clouds gather

and as the sky’s darkening

wishing a storm would form

You’d have where to run from the pain

standing all alone out in the rain

counting how long till thunder

sparks lightning


Waiting for when the skies never clear

Standing alone where others are near

Having no hopes for which to fear


As there’s nowhere to be or go

you lie down on a bench outside

of life and dream of dreamlessness

It’s like planting a seed you know won’t grow

Like having to climb to reach a low

You feel you should just curl up in a ball

and be small


The night won’t be good

but what’s there to fight

Making no difference

you dim the light

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