/ you

about you

You ripple through my mind

A pebble skimming water

Cobwebs brushing against my face

Stemming the flow of time


You remind me of a righteous spirit

A soul vacated of cruelty

A creature of compassion

An extreme rarity


You are a white dove in the sky

A crucifix on the wall

The sun's departing rays

The moon's silver sheen


I dream ...

Your shadow follows me

The scent of red berries

Intoxicating ...


I look to the heavens

Stars dust the perfect night sky

A weak breeze carries your silken voice

Softly calling my name


You are deep in my thoughts

Embedded in my heart

The allure of a cherub

The innocence of a child


I crouch on one knee

Single red rose in my hand

You lie below me

Gravestone faded with age


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