Words and myths and legends




Words and myths and legends

You have been deceived

Lied about

Lied too

Mistake have been made

Fooled in all their tricks

That you are guilty

The one who has made the mistakes

Oh what a fool I feel right now!

They have cheated me

Mislead me, conned me, and fooled me

Oh those grown ups

Who think and believe what is best for me

But I cannot argue with them

They are my elders

They just do not like this

You and I all alone

If only, if only

They would be here all alone

See, watch

This is for real

This is no fantasy

This is reality

Here and now

My hand touching your nose

So wet and soft

You are sitting quietly

And gently

It is like you know



Dad taught me that word

I kept pestering him because he kept saying it


They have a lot to learn

For now this moment I shall treasure

Then mum and dad can come next time

Maybe we can work out a rhyme

So that they can find

What has been on my mind!


© Teresa Joseph Franklin

28th August 2012

All Rights Reserved

Taken from the book of wolves poetry

© Living Under The Same Sky

© Teresa Joseph Franklin


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