Mountain be thou removed



To all that are fighting for their dreams

Hidden from the world, but only for a season

Chosen to take this bumpy road with no shoes, for a reason

Empowered by those who had no love...for me

Reassembled to stand, I am called to take heed

I stood before the Mountain of doubt and defeat

I said,"Mountain be thou removed, I will not flee"

A warrior that uses wisdom for each battle fought

Understanding brings wisdom of truth, I am taught

To know myself is to understand this Mountain

The loose rocks, the highest point, I have counted

I have no shoes as I climb barefeet

He gave me hinds feet to reach the top but carefully

So as I take this climb, familiar with its rocks

The days that I get tired, he carries me, a Mighty Tower Block

So quitting this climb is not an option

Negative thoughts to my soul is an abomination

To all the fighters that have been talked down and misused

Speak to that mountain with strength and tell it to be removed!

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