Ronald G. Asch Feeling alone within the outside world, and trying to cope . Not a negative, but hope for the positive and in winning over our uncertainties.


Ronald G. Asch

Waiting for the bells to toll
Waiting for their cry
A stab of rage within my soul
A bloody how and why.

The crest upon the hill
no longer in the air
It seems my once strong iron will
is flirting with despair

We share our souls
and make them one
The cry is at the door
Yet now we feel the horrid pull
before we feel no more

How do we then work for love
If love shall set us free
How do we now entice the dove
Alone, above the sea.

I wander now in night’s domain
Where loneliness doth rule
and warm myself with quiet fame
alone and much the fool

There is no way in this maze of life
alone to make us free
But still we must embrace our strife
whatever that may be……………….

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