I'm tired of running



this is actually just how I feel in the form of this poem of sorts.I gave the same sort of thing to this girl in my class telling her hoe I feel when she's mean to me and she said it was unnecessary,so i'm posting this on here,and on my instagram.

When you are mad,i'm there

Through a bad time,i'm there

But when I need you,

you're gone


I'm tired of running away

from all the words you say

when you don't get your own way

and I know the lies you tell when 

I've gone through hell and you say I can't stay


All I want is someone to focus on who I am.

Not how I look

or the words I say

but on the things that really matter


Like my writing and things like that

but NOT on what i'm wearing that day

Or what boy is hot that day

or how obsessed you are with him (Andrea,i'm talking to you)


So start thinking about what you say

And save a life,everyday 


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