The Quiet of a Mind



Words scrambled in my head

Thoughts, questions, hopes, fears

Dreams of yesterdays and tomorrows

Consume my waking hours.


I struggle to make sense of the chaos

Ideas, dreams, inspirations, wishes

Falling fast in my mind…such speed

Begs coherence yet creates confusion


Pick one, I tell myself…..just one

And let the others fall away

Not lost forever but giving room

So that a single thought can fill my heart


How to choose just one…..which one

Each of them seem important…..vital

Will I forget those I let go of

Can a mind ever really lose a thought.


They swirl once more….even faster

Each idea so essential, so vivid

Every possibility a unique potential

I choose one for now…not forever.


The chaos ebbs, the confusion retreats

A difficult choice now made

And then……nothing

Only the quiet of my mind.

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