Defining Me



I am a woman, yes you can see

I dare you to define, pigeon hole me

I am single for a reason, let me give you an explanation

I live independently, modest without invasion


I am a mum, work, renovate my house single handily

I take pride in my appearance, live happily

I am at one with myself, know who I am

I don't need any validation from a man


To love me is to love yourself first

I do not need anyone else to nurse

Accept my faults which there are a few

In time your name will be on a pew


I am a whole so I am complete

So just make my heart miss a beat

Through connections of mind, soul and body

I am sure in time we'd be stronger than anybody


However push me to the edge of my sensitive demure

With harsh words the relationship no longer secure

And like my true free spirit carry on care free

Whilst my heart be broken for no one to see


Walls will be built to guard my heart

But you'd be banished from that part

Words can hurt or words can heal

I use them to express how I feel


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