Bad Morning



Distraction is just something we all have to live with, but today has been exceptional on any scale. This is not quite a literal recitation of this Saturday morning, I've invented nothing, but believe it or not I've actually left stuff out! I never even finished the coffee!


I sat down here this morning

Two hours stretched ahead,

Of peace, to get recorded,

These verses in my head.


But apparently all Porlock,

Now wants to talk to me,

With nothing but distractions,

Timed so perfectly.


Five calls in thirty minutes,

I really wonder why,

they think I'll want their timeshares,

or to claim back PPI.


Or solar panels; (have some),

Or double glazing; (can't),

Or take part in some survey?

I definitely shan't!


And then the bloody doorbell

Is my daughter home?

No I'm afraid she isn't!

Now please leave me alone.


Then Amazon, then e-bay,

Then the phone again,

And then a Tory canvasser,

It's driving me insane!


And now a little bit of peace,

descends at last on me,

Fresh coffee by my armchair,

And laptop on my knee.


I sigh. I take a deep breath.

I raise my fingers, then,

Apply them to the keyboard,

Three words I've typed, when...


With yells and barks and laughter,

I can't fail to perceive,

The family return en mass,

to crush my reverie.


My Xanadu's demolished!

My inspirations flee.

My thoughts, my verses banished,

Down to a sunless sea!


My lines are all forgotten,

but I'm retaining yet,

The memory of memories,

I rather would forget.


I've often wondered why its said,

Throughout artistic lore,

A poet's always solitary,



I'll wonder that no more!



© Marcus Brook 2017

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