An ack basswards tribute to you.



Fish. The other pucker.


 Many think fish are slimy, some particularly me.

Like little drinks from the briny, to opinions, we're all free.

My worst crime is not rhyming in a tragic mixed metric, or three.

I'm cursed with divine hind end hiding until you've fixed your society.


 If my face doesn't grace the avatar space

and my bio contains no name, age or place,

if the taste of my pace you cannot embrace

then, I'm a time waste and sad case of a pasty, mutant tuna chase


 But, a few here have found a tolerable sound in the muse that I choose and the thoughts I expound.

To this crew, I am bound and with this tribute, I've crowned, impose on your nose as I clowned around.

You've defined "the fish", don't mind I'm a myth, or endless pics of "Fishantics Ranch" ground...

for you, my kind wish of every bliss, all joyousness and mysteries of existence unwound...


 Thank you in a tsunami of iridescent, effervescent bubbles and flowery fireworks from rainbow SpLaShEs!



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