You don't own me



/ Myself

You don't own a piece of me for whatever reason. I own myself.

You don’t own a part of me,

You don’t own my life,

You don’t even control me.


Tough if you don’t like it,

It is my decision,

Not any of yours,

Don’t say what I have to do,

Don’t tell me what to do with my body,

Because my body is all mine,

Not anybody’s item.


Since when did you think you own me all?

Because I won’t listen to your heart and mind,

I certainly won’t.


You got me wrong,

I’m not one of those people, who give in to you,

Because myself is my own.


I breathe in the chemicals which make me what I am,

Not the chemicals that burn me and discard me into your arms,

To make my body your own.


For I am stronger than you and tougher,

You have no control over me.

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