A poem about fear and doubt killing the chance of love.

Thinking it was ordinary, just another day

The wall flower, never knowing what to say

Behind the curtain, knowing how to hide

Breath taken, shaken, hit hard blindside

Hope and possibilities coaxed into a dream

A heart so full, love bleeding at the seams

Through the motions stumbling and bumbling

Chaotic mess, attempt at words so humbling

Everything was good while tucked in the dark

Never believing to experience passion's spark

Shaking away sticky cobwebs of long lost days

Arms thrown wide to embrace hope's warm rays

Dancing in delicious rhythm finding the rhyme 

All so new, fresh, no rush not bound by time

Heavy shadows rose and covered the skies

Whispering doubt and memories of painful lies

No arms to cover, to keep the darkness at bay

Only alone in the silence waiting, a heart flayed

No returning to what was, ignorance being bliss

Fearful things spoken, will always be such as this

In the grayness without warmth for far too long

No music heard, nothing to play a heart's song

Returning to the place comfortable and known 

Carrying sweet words spoken and deeply sown

Never knowing a touch but a presence to miss

Only a dream woken moments before love's kiss

Self-blame and fault lay the flower hopelessly bear

Knowledge of missed moments, a future to share

Tomorrow will come and the sun will always rise

Another love filled prayer raised towards the sky

Bowed once again against the dusty, faded wall

Hoping love will claim a heart before the last petal falls





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