I'm Fine with Prison



"You sit in your chair – it’s comfortable as far as prison chairs go..." a line from Marianne Edwards' story Really There that I was reading, the line where my mind started to wander as I zone in on the word "prison".

I'm fine with prison


let me bring in my laptop,


notebooks and


Just make sure I never run out of tool

for writing.


I know

in prison there'll be

bad guys,

crazy guys,

scary guys,

changed guys,

cool guys,

funny guys,

spiritual guys,

good guys

but they'll even make for a

good character profile.

I could be prey to

jailhouse predators.

Sounds like a good plot

but only in novels,

not in real life

(If they do me

I'll have a line in my story where I'll sing

"Pain, pain, go away

Never come another day")

May be they'll spare me if I give them a chance

to be Alice

in their own Wonderland.


I'm fine in a cell with

nothing but walls,

a little table and snoring mate,

bed and darkness,

barred door.

But give me a light

to see what I write;

bother me not

on my creative lore.


When I finished writing

read my story.

Even if I'm sentenced to death

I am pardoned.

My written texts

in your mouth and head

will set me free from captivity.

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