Some of my limericks. I try to add a new one each Saturday on my FB page and my website. Hope you enjoy, just a bit of fun!

A persuasive young fellow from Spain

Was bold and exceedingly vain

His smashing maracas

Made all the girls crackers

But his castanets caused quite a strain


A fearless man name of Brian

Challenged a mad circus lion

He snatched up a chair

Which he waved in the air

And then pieces of Brian went flying


A criminal type, name of Stubbs

Liked to hit people with clubs

But he came a cropper

When he bashed a copper

And now his address is the Scrubs


A jungle explorer called Drake

Stumbled across a large snake

But it was a Boa

Of the two, Drake was slower

And now he’s as thin as a rake


A daredevil sky diver called Pat

Would jump at the drop of a hat

He thought it a hoot

With no parachute

And now Pat is exceedingly flat

All of the above Copyright © S P Oldham

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