Quilting as a metaphor for friendship/professional relationship

                                    QUILTING– by Lynn Lello




If I chose a color for everytime I thought of you

My guilt would be a tapestry of hues

running red and

Bombastic blues, teardrops of liquid smiles

A roadmap of networks to your heart.


I follow the path – I go down

in stride

But I am lost –

Lost in a camouflage of thickets

Searching through the haze of gray.


I dream in color, of your tender smile and

I see your sympathetic eyes

conversing in the silence of my solitary thoughts

You are here

A muse in the fabric of my perfect patch

Colleagues holding hands

Girlfriends swinging arms in the balmy breeze.

We weep

We dance

We weave the threads of a steadfast eternity.

Square by square, we design ourselves

You, a morning glory

Me, a tulip of hope

Eyeing a wisp of your fading brown ringlets

with my golden needle

I sew

Deeper and deeper into the Dark

Enriching my illusion with reality

   that cuts through the matter of everyday quilting

Without the guilt of secrets

Void of the traces of black

Into an emblematic sun

I reach for you -

Watching you break the final thread.

We cannot touch -

Our project is left



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