Lyrical and romantic thoughts.


We didn’t wake up late.

We won’t skip the dawn kissing a field’s jade.

Love must not be afraid of a gloomy shade.

How transparent is the love’s lace!

How pale is the shade’s face!

I see you sitting by the fireplace.

My eyes are travelling to find your glance.

Gentleman! I think I am a tiny snowflake.

Gentleman! You think I am a shiny lake.

The dawn is kissing the geese to wake.

The geese are creating their mystic tale.

Your cigar is lit like your fireplace.

The dawn is here to open my gate.

Gentleman! How far is your land from my trace?

Have you ever bet on a horse race?

Gentleman! The dawn is here with love’s face.

The dawn is kissing an unwritten page.

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