Where you lived



Mother's plea to a cold father

Priorities of righteousness over love

Commitment to power

To be a dictator or a husband?

How can I punish you for this?

By rejecting your child

You let your heart grow dark

Cold and empty is your soul

A father and husband you were

Proud and blessed with family

You gave it away, threw away love unbiased

For a taste of power

Master of the Universe, you never were

Even after I left, you failed to see

Hurtful words are immortal

It’s the soul that dies

If you can’t control me, you don’t love me.

Then, don’t love me.

But I remember when you lived in your heart

I remember your tears at our wedding

Memories distorted by sickness,

disappointment and doubt

It was you that changed, not I.

I remember when you lived in a cocoon of warmth

Which you traded for a cold attic of enmity

In which to house your troubled mind

Why do you not know?

 The heart you sought to break

Of a young boy yearning for his father I

s now behind a wall of stone

The strongest steel is forged in the fires of Hell

Where you lived.

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