Do You Ever Wonder





Do you ever wonder...


...If angels are watching over us as we sleep

Why is the universe so vast, so deep?

Does anyone ever fall in love at first sight?

Why is the sun so yellow and bright?

Why is there daylight and darkness of night?

Why the flamingo is so pink and beautiful in flight

Or, am I ok, am I quite right?


Do you ever wonder…?


Why is the sky so blue?

Or why are the seas a gorgeous azure hue

Why am I here

What is my purpose?

What makes a tear or a fire burn and sear?


Do you ever wonder…?


Why a plant shoots up from the sod

What is a religion?

Who are Gog and Magog?


My friend, I can tell you little of these

Excepting they are what they are

For those who truly believe

However, in defense of such, as I do perceive:


Angel's are real and certainly here

To forever protect us from our innermost fears

The universe is vast in order

We have room to grow for many a year.

Love is always right whether it happens tomorrow, today in a second, in an hour or even at first sight.


The sun’s warmth shines bright and yellow

With its glow

Bring laughter and healing to every man, woman, child and fellow

Thus, granting every soul and life the innate ability to grow.


The day is for creating and making

While the night gives us rest to replenish the days taking.



Why do birds fly?

Where do they go?

Some things my friend must wait to know.


However conclusory, I will say to you

It is in celebration of all, that the skies are blue

And as to the oceans green

Tis but from life beneath and within

Bursting at every seam, that creates its beauteous sheen.


As to why we are here and what is our purpose

To this, I say each life is dear

And that all will know in time

It shall all be made quite clear.


But most important of all remember this

Every life created is a miracle unto itself

Upon this fact creation fervently insists.


Within each of us is a vast store of wealth

So take life not for granted

For you are granted but two

Use the first one for others

And, free of charge, the other shall be provided to you.


So, as certain as grass shoots up from the sod

I'll see you in heaven my friend

As we stand side by side

As one whom is right before God.




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