Second strike on the marriage front led me to question the way I was feeling. After the initial outburst of pain, I realised there was nothing I could do, as my passionate fiery Spanish genes are programmed to love with passion. ~WARNING — Explicit Language ~

Passion is a loneliness that one afflicted can only describe,

It takes a firm grasp of your heart, your mind with an ever increasing grip.

That suffocates your being, confines you to a pain that no one can see or feel.

Passion, what is passion, how does one become consumed by it

Passion is a disease you are born with it

A recessive DNA strand that seems to dominate 

Intensity that is cursed through your blood stream 

That burns hotter than the wildest fire.

Passion is your ruler, your guide, your decision maker.

Passion consumes all within your mind and surrounds

Passion makes you strong

Passion makes you lonely

Passion throws you into love

Passion beats a pulse for hate

Passion kills for greed and jealousy

Passion is a thrill when love is there.

Passion is your destroyer it makes you compare

Yourself to those that do not carry its hot virus

Passion makes you hate yourself

Loathing the fires that drive you to care

To love so deeply and wanting passion in return

Passion becomes your swan song

It is your note sung to the world that you exist

Yet passion kills you when it is not stoked and nurtured

Turns you ugly and self-loathing

Despondent and uncaring

Challenging and hateful

Passion...... Fuck Passion

 © Kartanya Martinez 

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