Not mean nor lean, Jacks smiling greeting for this Halloween



I think it needs green...but, maybe it's me

...from "Five Score More Tales From Offshore With Blundering Fish Mischief Galore".


 I bought Halloween candy and, of course, ate it all.

Wrought a face to this dandy, you see we had a ball.

The goblins and ghouls knew the chances were small,

no one's here but we fools and deer for a long, dirt dance of a haul.


I do and will still celebrate though not really sure just why.

Most other dates evaporate in a wink of this fish's eye.

I say if I don't mark the days they may just fly right by...

so I blaze these raves with a crazy gaze as my Hallow-haze plays awry.


 A hairy tail through eerie trees as the storm intensely grew!

A scary trail with feeble knees as our victim lost a shoe!

Then chainsaws slashing, toothy gnashing, and an alien glowing blue

and a special, SpLaShInG!, spooky, happy, gruesome boo! to all of you!

Ahem...GRIN! >-=^;>


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