NO MORE! she cries silently as a life of abuse engulfs her.

"No More!" I cried as I curled into that ball of misery

fetal, a blot of humanity lost in submission and resignation

I lay still hopeful that no more of your anger will find me

I lay hopeful that you forget I exist, for just one moment


for years now we have existed so

Arguments fights, the blows you reign on me

why don't I listen to you? why don't I take it in?

you tell me to stop overcooking the dinner and there it is burnt


Yes I know your frustration

A fist swung in deranged fury

a plate aimed with complete accuracy

blood on the floor for me to bleach


I bleach away the stains of your assault

on the floor my hands and knees as support

Will your reach down and touch me

hold me, love me, completely possess me?


how long will I move like a microscopic germ

silent, shrinking unseen by you

or will you see me as your lover

take me to our room make me yours


not like you did when love grew

not like you did to kill the lifebud of our tenderness

when you cursed and hurt that thing within

you called it a cancer and smashed it from existance


I weep for my child,

the unborn, silent victim to our tortured lives

Please I cry again, you  are angry at my pleas

your dark shadow hovers above me.


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