Object Of My Distraction



The sharpest object

He became the point 

I was only a target 

Him an arrow in my distraction

Turns out he was pulling my leg and

Broke the Joint 

Lies in every sentence 

Everything stopped making sense 

Words became torment

Some stuck in my head cement

The time we spent was only rent


Cost us our friendship

Was it worth it

Broke at the heart

Nothing can repair

Cant fix this tear

Emotionally torn apart


Not even religious 

Got me screaming Jesus 

Choking on  his words that are hard to swallow

Much harder to digest his empty hollow

Everything became dark 

Like there was no tomorrow 

He was the light in my life 

Made it bright in the night 

Him the wings on my plane 

The claw on my crane 

Reflection of the window in my pane 

Pick me up , picked me up

He was the Door on my train

We were so close to even share the same name 

Thought so much alike 

Like we shared the same brain

Only difference is our differences 

He thought he was a player 

But he only played himself 


When he found out in the end 

I was not even playing games 

Loyalty is everything 

He was nothing 

Only an object of my distraction


Poetry Written by Tammy Jeffers Wells 



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