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11/9/16 LANGUAGE WARNING Some beauty and some truth and some truth in beauty... ;) Two poems, one sweet... one not.

...and the honey poured into me,

like liquid sunlight.

My smile,

for you,

for me

shining through my eyes,

my soul bright and true.


...and I kissed him,

and I kissed him,

...and I buried my nose in their soft bellies,

skin like warm marshmallows,

soft and tender like a mother's kiss,

and they both laughed and held me,

squirming but loving it, loving me.




I want to be who I am in my heart,

all day, every day, the truest expression 

of me.

I want to unleash the beast

and tear trees apart with my bare hands

whenever I wish.

I want to impart love to whomsoever I choose

whenever I choose it

and I would not be judged,

not by you.

I want to scream FUCK. YOU. 

at every single person I feel deserves it

and laugh in the face of their displeasure.

I want to laze around all day in bed

with my best friend, and talk shit

and eat chocolate and watch comedies

and have sex.

I want to tell everyone who prattles at me that


I want to be strong when I want

weak when I want,

slow, sharp, fast when I want.

I want to be who I am in my heart,

all day, every day, the truest expression...


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