Finding oneness, understanding and connection in nature.




 A sequestered quintessence

All along


In the presence of a brimming assemblage

Belies a solitary function


Oft a lumbering remoteness

In the lack, an unripe coupling


This seam I can solely encounter

Under the drop and in the bowels of such snug contours


Endemic to your penetrating siring

Amid the furls that sough in the branches


Embroidered with the suns beholding and polishing finishes

Embellished with the games’ rejoicing calls


The sustaining waters mirroring,

Beckoning the forests glee


Here, I have place, I stand whole

Welcome and recognized


An attendant, I find belonging

As time ebbs for this oneness


Winks draw out into a rapturous enlightenment

I draw in, make way




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