I try to bring cheer to those I find dear.



At some date I'll donate something worthwhile.



 There's a site that I like where they don't mind fish jiggle.

They cite a hype hike despite how bright my squiggle

and incite a highlight in the sight of each wriggle.

That's right! I rhyme tonight of why I write on @IScriggle.


 A guide from the inside must've saw something here

and politely implied I try a wide fish bowl sphere.

Pride and I decide, besides deep fried, we've no fear.

Now, wild eyed and grinning wide, tides of thanks to @DSelemir!


 Oh, I've got ego, I just don't self promote.

Not Beada Beada, NamazuB.O'.B. or the books that we wrote.

Though real writers and poets also go there to float,

they deal righteously and dote on the likes of even O'Bloat...


Thank you and best SpLaShEs! to the Scriggler team and their families.

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There's more where that came from!