Love poem and what more can I say about being mad about love


Mad about you

Mad about you and me!

I want you so bad

Bad, bad

Wrapping myself around you

You wrapping yourself around me

I’m so out of my mind about you

I don’t want to make a fool of myself

But I’m madly in love with you

Mad, mad

Bad, badly in love with you

Angel baby love me more, more

Angel baby give me more and more

More and more

Bad, bad

Badly I need your touch

But you seem so out of whack and touch

All this stuff and nonsense is driving crazy

Yet you remain hazy

Hazy, hazy

Crazy, crazy

All my promises that I’ll keep

All the promises you made I have kept

And my heart skipped and leapt

I will give you the good times

When nothing else rhymes

Just don’t leave me here going out of my mind

You’re driving me crazy, nuts totally insane

Call my name and I’ll come running

Just your secret lover

So real, surreal

Once we were friends

Then become lovers in middle of the night

Yet we loathe being apart

Let this fiasco depart

And un-break this heart

Come, come

Back, back

I love you!

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

11th June 2015

All Rights Reserved


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