He's The Only Water In My Desert



Swirling in the parallels of a fresh love and scarred by a past love I dove in completely.The only way I could begin to express all that I feel for this person, I've fallen completely for. I was scared to tell him, afraid of what my feelings meant, afraid of what his feelings or lack there of meant.

I like boys & I like girls.

Well, there's this one boy.

He shines beyond anyone I've 

ever seen. This is a different flavour

of love. It's grapey, strawberry and tastes

a bit like a toaster pastry. 

It's complete madness and irrational,

but it's the only way I want to feel. 

You're irrational and that's the thing that

I love most about you.

Your undying wonder and amazement,

your love for all that is bizarre and awkward

about you. 

I want to swing you around the spring afternoon

light and kiss you until we're both gasping for breath.

You fill my heart with your own special brand of cheer.

I want to fill you with my own brand of devotion and show

you how magical love can be. 

I want to lay naked, exposed and vulnerable 

in front of you. I want my ghosts to dribble out

before you; I hope that despite everything, you'll

still want me. I desperately want to cling to the

hope you've instilled deep within me. 

I want to explore you,

learn all that you want to share with me.

I want to see you exposed, just as vulnerable as me.

I want to dance with you under the start drenched sky

and just feel your skin against mine. 

You know you're my favourite flavour.

Forever yours,

forever mine my dear. 


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