This recipe is never the same.

Some whack in the woods... got a nature issue

in a shack where there cooks lots of words in a brew.

Artifacts, reference books, a mutant tuna or two,

imparting irreverent looks, you shouldn't view as too good for you.


A simmering saute of sweet and savory soul,

a skewering satay of smoked toe of troll,

an experience extract with a whole dose of droll,

and extremely dense text stack of "no control prose" in a bowl.


A tall pinch of moons' awes, a double dose of no woes,

no small hints of sunny sauce and bubble blows from where love grows,

a bit of blissed spirit and glee squealing eel echoes,

and if you slips too near it... you'll feel very real but it's an ordeal for your nose.



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