We grow up..

We started off as kids,
Then birthed into adolescence,
You went one way, I went another direction,

Since then, it haven't been the same, since,
I'm writing sentences, and you're getting
Reality struck by life, I'm dying to be replenished,
So many I once knew from young,
Now getting educated,
Or being decapitated by life,
Others struggle to pay bills, a young mother or wife,

Honestly, my heart's hurting,
Because my eyes still view us as about six,
Busy bodies in the world, innocent to it,
Yet can walk in decisions, the size of adult shoes,
I still view us as kids,
Who doesn't need adults,
To tie our shoes,

Sometimes I feel, like I'm the last one left,
Close friends become distant,
Their decisions made them breaking news worth mentioning,
Some news good, some bad,
Thoughts of old friends new moves,
Alter my views,
Walking down a straight path,
Only me left,
And no

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