two more hooks



Just to get them down... these are unfinished songs but I need them down in case I use them to record tonight...

Oh I- Never thought — never felt that we'd be less than more than friends

But your love is like a drug, and its poison, 

Yeah its like cyanide, the way you only see your side, 

Yeah it's like cyanide, the way you only see your side.


I am I, a, I — i am the richest broke bitch, 

I'm the richest broke bitch,

I'm the richest broke (What?)

I, a, I, a, I I am the richest broke bitch I'm the richest broke (Ah)

Cos I got that deep desire, 

Yeah that fire — in my heart, 

Ready for astro travel, yeah I'll take it to the stars, 

Yeah, I got that deep desire, un-shakable in faith, 

and I'm only giving lovin', and I'm never giving hate.



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