The Seventh Sense



Someone once asked me where my inspiration to write came from. This poem was my attempt at explaining....

Cast your eyes up to the sky

Throw your soul up to the heavens

Then perchance you may feel the elation

That is called the “seventh sense”.


An undefinable source of happiness

An indescribable sensation of freedom

All encompassing, ever-enduring,

Yet never binding.


Think not of it as a mere emotion

Nor an intensified reflection

It’s depth & scope are immeasurable

By the faculties we are endowed with.


Seek not the “seventh sense”

For if sought it will elude you

Seek not to possess this sense

For it will not tolerate ownership.


An open soul is the doorway it seeks

By which it can enter humankind

Only in a soul void of mortal fears

Can its purity & serenity be occupied.


Once it’s presence is experienced

The “seventh sense” justifies its existence

By illuminating to the possessor

It’s eternal, euphoric, undefinable being.




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