From me to you



Why do we write?

I have a gift to give,
And it is this,
It is me.
I write my self into these words,
My experiences
And emotions
In words of colour and vibrancy
For you,
That you may learn from my life,
Or feel some echo of my own feelings.
I write so that you know you are not alone.
I write to reach out to you,
To connect
And because I know you are listening.
These words will fall like rain on parched land,
And your own heart and inspiration will blossom.
I write to expand my soul,
To be bigger than me.
I write to explore and to love
And to hate
And to vent.
I write because it frees part of me
That my daily life does not allow for.
I write to invent and to reminisce.
I write to dream and to recapture.
I write because I love you
And I write because I love me.

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