A Yump



The Dacia Sandero is road-tested to the limits of habitability, cost deniability, and usage through human emotional venture. It beeps if your seatbelt is off, however, please don't buy anything based on this.

They make sports cars round these parts.
But in my little car I found a deserted humpback bridge
On a back road, in a nook of trees and fields.
Ambience will resume around what I'm hurtling towards,
Snap clutch decision: second gear, boost it to 50, forty-one hundred revs, or was that third,
A rocket ship of force-fed air to tiny chambers does fire to metal and rubber,
geometry Gs
The springs compress, dampers bound
and then rebound...
Further and higher than I thought I would go...
...completely through the air...
Dived to faced the ground again, suspended,
With a scrape of plastic nose, and a squat,
Bouncing still as smooth rolling stock,
It settles again.
With that in mind I settle again.
Mistress of limits, what have I done?
Wet tyres track straight in the mirror
Controls indicate no damage,
Nothing is loose that's important!
A habit of this will wear it through, though,
Looks okay now,
But for just one sublime kinetic moment there,
A feeling that any faster would surely have been foolish,
That was worth a few rattles from the ground
Without breaking anything that moves around
I have crashed an old Mini in my time, to my shame
(And a new van...)
But since I drive to do no harm,
to move to molehills with mountains,
to kinetically space and kinaesthetically spice
with a slice of recklessness
from 'non-performance'
within the limits of vision and sight,
Always slow for dogs, children, animals, and horses on your way,
Cyclists feel terrain, wheels just do that to you
Drivers too — only much quicker
Preserve a margin for error, react comfortably
So like the life of a firefly whizzing past a tree,
Just take it easy — but take it.

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