On a quiet sunday all those university lectures in existentialism filled my head and flowed out onto the page



A million grains of sand on a beach, Ebb & flow with the tides

Like thoughts come & go in one’s mind

Is a thought fleeting

Does it wash away like sand as new thoughts swirl in with the next tide

When does a thought change to what we remember.


A mind is like the sand on a beach, Waves move and change the grains

Like thoughts flowing  in and out of consciousness

How does one thought become more relevant

In a million ideas can we find one grain of truth

Or are they all equally irrelevant.


Sand taken from a beach loses its purpose

Like an idea which fails to manifest itself in reality

Can single grains exist in isolation

Or does thought like a beach need the co-existence

Of many to create truth.


We are all our thoughts, ideas, and dreams

Our minds like a beach withstand the tides

But rather than fight the ebb and flow

And struggle to standstill

Should we not embrace the movement.


             For therein lies our originality,

                                      Our creativity

                                                     Our genius

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