The Black Dog



Poetry about depression

I show that I'm happy
Cause I don't want the world to see
That deep down inside
I am as sad as sad can be.

I fight this black dog
I am far from behond blue
I do not know the reason
My smile hides the truth.

I can't help the feeling
It comes in waves you see.
I feel lonely and helpless sometimes
Full of insecurity.

Most times I hide it well
It's easier that way
I make people laugh
To get through another day

When I cry I cry alone
It all gets a bit to much.
I sometimes wonder how I would be
If I no longer had to deal with black dogs clutch.

Years ago they would have locked me up
And throw away the key
Fried my mind with electric shock
Certifiable insanity.

Now They prescribe me pills
To get through the hours
They make me not feel at all
I have forsaken all my power.

I will hide behind my mask
While my life holds on by a thread
Trying to convince myself
I wouldn't be better off dead,

Free me from your jaws black dog
Sink you teeth in to something else
I don't want to play no more
Just let me be by myself.

Stop your stalking
Your barks worse than your bite
I know that your a rabid dog
So I won't give up the fight.


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