Mom's Song: A Beautiful Forest



Just in time for Mother's day-how soft spoken the grandness of a mom can be and yet her forest seeks volumes of her.

Sing us a song of the forest

You are the beauty of spring

The strength of an oak

Without mentioning the word

You carried us for nine months each

And than for fifty plus ever since

With no words of self praise, no ego, nor pretense

You are the selfless oak that planted the seed that created a forest

You are hidden by undergrowth

Children like vines wrap around your form and hide you in the shadows

Grandchildren climb your heights

With little concern

All the lessons etched in your branches

The wisdoms of unspoken words

So I will sound the trumpet, I will shout the song

Across the sky

That you might see the beautiful landscape

As I

We walk in this forest,

You’re not a stump but I know you sometimes feel like one

I watch all the fruits that share your memories

That has taught us not by words

But by your truth

You’re as tenacious as the vines your children became

As unyielding as stone with the sway of a willow

How did you do it?

When winters kept you silent

When storms in the spring were terribly violent

How did you keep us safe?

How did you block the sun?

Keep us nourished and content

As if spring had just begun

And how perfectly planted we were

How you kept us in place

With our fathers love

Staring from the clouds that loomed above

You’ve given everything of yourself

To highest of the sky

To the depths of the ground

That we might become this forest

That we might hear this beautiful sound

A song that would keep us safe

Keep us content and strong

We are your words,

You forever our song…

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