A movement.

it is time i lift off

kick off for underdogs

twist off the visual

cause thought to make a pause

never be misunderstood

not for me, because i should

sharing pain staring through

how to be better Yous

prepare it properly

speak deep philosophy

these scenes im offering

help reach the commonly

i find creators minds

theater is inner sight

introvert converting rhymes

speak live to worlds wide

i just write to understand

crookedly i point ahead

hope to grow as i can

polishing my final plan

ive been deep inside the dark

heart marred been ripped apart

only because ive warred

pushed myself kept it forward

not accepted none the less

changing worlds in every breath

speak to each that is at rest

wake them up lets push ahead

we can be a new belief

look within at what you seek

reaching dreams that we see

free yourself its time to peak

redefined intentions now

seeding minds sprouting out

motivate move around

seek yourself preach it loud

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There's more where that came from!